Silent Music Revival’s 10th Anniversary Presents Vampyr (1932)

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• Sunday, October 30th, 2016, 8PM
• Gallery 5
• 200 W. Marshall St., Richmond, VA
• Admission: FREE ( donations encouraged ) 


Silent Music Revival’s 10 Year Anniversary (Part 1)

During a Silent Music Revival event a classic silent short film is projected while local musicians act as the live soundtrack.
As an added twist the band does not see the film prior the event and therefore creates a new spontaneous score.

Silent Music Revival
Carl Theodor Dreyer’s
VAMPYR (1932) 

“Whatever you think of the director Dreyer, there is no denying that he is ‘different.’ He does things that make people talk about him. With scenes that are gripped with brutal directness. You may find his films ridiculous—but you won’t forget them.” 
– New York Times (1932)

with live musical score by:

“The day and the night belonged to Navi. They were possibly the most outrageous band to perform at the festival and they simply owned it. The crowd went crazy in such an unexpected way that it was simply beautiful. Every once in a while, you get to sit back and watch a set from a band that just annihilates all of your senses. For that day at Hardywood, Navi captivated an audience in a way that just left me mesmerized. ” – RVA Mag


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About the Author: Jeff is the head curator of the James River Filmmakers Forum. He currently sits on the board of directors of The James River Film Society.

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