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22nd James River Film Festival: Ralph Bakshi, R. Crumb and Fritz the Cat

• Saturday, April 11, 2015, 1:00 pm
• Byrd Theatre, 2908 W Cary St, Richmond, Va 23221, 804-353-9911
• Admission: $7 / JRFS Members $5

Ralph Bakshi, R. Crumb and Fritz the Cat with Dr. Thomas Inge and Eddie Bakshi (total running time 100 min approx.).

“Very rude and very funny!”
        —New Yorker

When Fritz the Cat was released in 1972, it was more than simply the first X-rated animated feature—it was the product of a collaboration between two of the most controversial artistic talents of the time, underground cartoonist Robert Crumb and avant-garde animator Ralph Bakshi. Both had pushed the boundaries of their respective media in outrageous directions, and the two artists left huge imprints on the counter-culture audiences of the 60’s and 70’s. Before Fritz… was finished, Crumb tried to back out, but Bakshi persisted. Crumb promptly killed off Fritz’s comic character to prevent any sequel. Irreverent, and so not PC, the odyssey of Fritz the Cat remains a cult masterpiece and an effective deconstruction of the psyche/spirit of American culture in the 1970’s. Dr. Thomas Inge, Professor of English and distinguished scholar of pop culture, Randolph-Macon College, and Mr. Eddie Bakshi, son of director Ralph, will introduce.

Tickets available at the door or the Eventbrite link below.

Eventbrite - James River Film Festival presents Ralph Bakshi, R. Crumb and Fritz the Cat



James River Film Society Announces 22nd James River Film Festival, April 9-12, 2015

The 22nd
James River Film Festival will be screened April 9-12, 2015, at various locations in Richmond, Virginia, including the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Visual Arts Center of Richmond, Byrd Theatre, and Richmond Main Public Library.

Featured guests include cult animator-director Ralph Bakshi and son, Eddie Bakshi, for screenings of Fritz the Cat, Wizards, and Lord of the Rings. (NOTE: Eddie Bakshi will co-ordinate a Skype Q & A with father Ralph during the screenings of Wizards and Lord of the Rings at the Byrd; Bakshi memorabilia including posters and animation cells will be available for sale as well).

Bakshiweb copy

Music video director and multimedia artist Michael Pope, is best known for his many music video collaborations with Amanda Palmer and The Dresden Dolls as well as his experimental non-dialogue film NeoVoxer.


We will be featuring the only Richmond-based screening of the critically acclaimed documentary Art and Craft, directed by Mark Becker and Sam Cullman.

Art and Craft was scored by Stephen Ulrich.  Ulrich will bring his band Big Lazy for a live performance at Gallery 5!


Filmmaker Kevin Jerome Everson (The Golden Age of Fish, The Island of St. Matthew)

… and Cincinnati based multi-projectionist Super 8mm filmmaker and avant-garde jazz musician Jonathan Hancock.


Admission prices vary; some events are free to the public. A complete schedule will be available soon.