See you this Fall!


Congratulations to this year’s finalists!

Good Conversation   Jenn Gomez  (14:02, MA)

Petrichor  Mireille Heidbreder  (6:08, VA)

The Guide  Shayne Hatfield  (11:05, VA)

UNCLE'S CAR  C. E. Dye  (7:11, NM)

Here Lies Beatrice  Katarina Docalovich  (12:23, NY)

Story of the Dreaming Water, Chap. Two  Brittany Gravely  (3:00, MA)

By Any Other Name  Peter Kimball  (12:38, Wash., DC)

Tous Les Jours  Nicholas Mullins  (13:35, GA)

The Usual Route  Cory Warner  (11:00, CA)

The Bartender  Travis Newsad  (10:00, MA)

Stuck in Between  Burcu Halacoglu  (6:00, Turkey)

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